Re Mortgage Private House

Remortgaging house

What is Remortgaging?

A remortgage is quite simply getting a new mortgage on your existing property. There are many reasons for this but the main ones are to:

  • Get a cheaper rate
  • To release equity
  • To build an extension
  • For a deposit on another property.
  • To repay other debt

Until recently there was no market to remortgage your house and so most people in Ireland not lucky enough to be on trackers were stuck on whatever variable rate their bank was charging. Thankfully this has now changed and there is competition in this market again. If you have an expensive variable rate you can now get a lower rate and therefor lower monthly repayments. We may be able to release equity and in most cases we can get either free legal fees or a €1000.00 contribution to the cost of moving (the cost is generally about that).

Remortgage Private House

Remortgaging your private house can be quick and relatively painless. We will look at the rate you are paying and the monthly cost to see if we can reduce them. The interest you pay over the term of a mortgage is generally in the hundreds of thousands of euro! So it is imperative you ensure you’re not overpaying. It is an ideal opportunity to release equity to repay other debt and take advantage of fixing your repayment for a long term at good value.

Call one of our Qualified Financial Advisers to review your existing repayments and see what offers you could take advantage of to remortgage your house. A switch now could save you tens of thousands of euros over the course of your mortgage. So if you want to see if you can get a lower monthly repayment on your mortgage, release equity, or repay expensive debt and possible make the move for free, call us on 01 6621640 or complete this online form and we will give you a call.