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First Credit has been advising first-time buyers, people looking to invest in property and those looking to remortgage or refinance, on getting the best mortgage possible since 2002. We have organised thousands and thousands of mortgages through the highs and lows of the last few years and are delighted that most of our clients through the boom were advised on taking tracker mortgages. We have been innovators in the mortgage market since we started; offering capped low cost legal fees of only €690 (excludes outlay & vat ) for all property purchasers, including first-time buyers and Investors. 

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We offer solutions for your entire mortgage and remortgage needs. We have a panel of all the advisers and professionals you’ll require, from solicitors to architects, engineers to surveyors, to make sure you get the best advice at the lowest possible cost. We will also advise you on all of your mortgage insurance requirements for both life assurance and general insurance and help you through each step of the process. We’ll help you through the entire process from the initial consultation to close, ensuring everything has been done in a timely and professional manor and runs as smooth as absolutely possible. We are a one stop shop for professional finance and insurance advice.


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